Nepenthe cares for the community

The Nepenthe Phoenix Corporation is committed to investing in the work of Monterey County non-profit groups that pertain to children, the environment, health and safety, and the arts.  Our priority is given to projects which directly affect the Big Sur community. Grants are funded on a quarterly basis.  Project-oriented requests are given higher priority though operating fund grants will also be considered. 

By supporting the community that supports us, we enhance the well-being of our community in a palpable, direct, and long-lasting way.  It is also in keeping with the spirit of generosity and inter-connectedness that are the foundation of Lolly and Bill's community giving from earliest memory.

Over Seventy Years of Giving

At this time, Nepenthe gives annual grants to the Big Sur Health Center and the Big Sur Fire.  We also provide a major sponsorship to the Big Sur River Run.  Our annual Halloween Bal Masque is another way we are able to provide for our community with all ticket proceeds benefiting the Big Sur Volunteer Fire Brigade.